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The morning before she died, she woke up and although she was too weak to talk she gave me the most beautiful smile when she saw me sitting beside her bed.

Certainly there can be no worse pain than seeing her suffer and die over the course of her past few weeks, except the pain of knowing that the single hope i had of life becoming a good and happy thing died with her.

As it turned out, the cancer had started spreading like fire sometime since her oncologist declared it in remission and when she arrived here and from what the scans at the hospital revealed we had already stopped and destroyed what had spread into her chest bones and liver from her lungs in the week and a half we had our method actively working.

The cause of the fluid buildup in her lungs was one of the chemo drugs her oncologist had given her as at that point the cancer was not advanced enough to have been the reason for it.

What made things absolutely wonderful between us, is that she loved and appreciated her own unique form of beauty as much as i did and as such absolutely loved my special attraction for her as well.

She was a kind, honest, and wonderfully capable and talented girl and she was an absolute pleasure to do things for as she simply loved and appreciated every little thing i did for her so much.

I have discovered through her, that a perfect love is a result of having all of the things we want and need in the person we love as she seemed to have with me as well and having experienced this love and shared it with her, i don't see any possible way for my own life to continue unless i can find and share that same love with someone else again, nor do i expect that there is much chance of finding this, as this is something so rare, i don't expect that the opportunity could come along more than once in a person's lifetime. which if i did according to some of these post i would still be normal.Before she died, she expressed a wish that i should try to find another girl just like her to whom i could give the love and happiness which i had wanted to share with her for the rest of our lives, but since in her i had each and every one of my attractions so perfectly, i.e. I would like to ty for how you stand up for amputees.a single HD leg amputee in a beautiful slender girl and otherwise everything in wanted in terms of someone to love, i.e. I just recently lost my right leg to a car accident.She was a beautiful slender woman, with a single long and beautiful leg, having had the other amputated at the hip due to sarcoma at a young age.I have always had a very special and specific attraction for a woman such as her, which is a little out of the ordinary in terms of what society generally regards as perfection, but also not uncommon.

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