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You can see these on the map just south of the United States-Mexico border.

Searches for land in the United States initially met with failure, and it was not until 1911, when families living in Los Angeles moved to Arizona, that another traditional village, resembling those in Russia and in Mexico, came into existence. 18) Acquisition of land in Arizona was carried out under the direction of Michael P.

This picture was taken just a few years ago and is west of Glendale but does illustrate the importance of cotton in the early days as well. 30) Despite its promising start, the village did not develop any further, and gradually declined.

Some changes were products of personal choices and family tragedies, but others were caused by political and economic forces that lay beyond the villagers' control.

Most men had been farmers for years, and were anxious to return to the land, where they could resume familiar lifestyles.

Parents were concerned that their children were being exposed to undesirable American values, and believed that the best way to preserve culture was to relocate to rural areas where they could live traditional lives, unaffected by outside influences. 17) The first steps in this direction took them to Mexico, where they established a substantial colony in the Guadalupe Valley of Baja California, and three smaller settlements near Ensenada.

Pivovaroff, — shown here in this picture — a presiding elder of a small congregation in Russian Town who had been unable to find suitable land for his people in California.

When contacted by a real estate firm acting on behalf of a Glendale sugar company, which needed farmers to grow beets for its plant, Pivovaroff agreed to send a delegation to Arizona to investigate. 19) The men visited Glendale in the summer of 1911, — and this is a picture from that visit — and they found a piece of undeveloped but irrigable land, to be watered by the new Salt River Project, southwest of town.

In that presentation, I described the village's form and function, (Fig. 10) Molokans are one of several groups of fundamentalist dissenters who broke away from the Russian Orthodox church in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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A modest church building, shown here, stood near the center of the village on a parcel that had been carved from two adjoining lots, a slight reconfiguration of the original plan. 26) One or two dwellings — of the ones shown in this map here — housed single families, but most were shared by several families, usually on a kinship basis.

A small number of grave markers stood just beyond the village's northwestern boundary, — you can see that in the upper left-hand part of this map — on land owned by a cooperative in 1921. 27) With the exception of gardens planted near the houses, all cropland lay beyond the village.

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