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She is playing a teenager that deals with her love life and the daily problems of her family. that’s why she is so successful with movies like “hiripoda wessa”, “machan”,”nil diya yahana.Filmmaker Karan Johar shared the first poster of the film on Monday and Bollywood celebs are going gaga over Swara’s different, colourful look in the poster.

They see this ticket as their opportunity to find wealth in another country. is linked to Roshan Pilapitiya her co-star on the television show called ‘’Sulanf Kapolla’’ and they plan to marry in the future. they have recently filmed the marriage in the film.“Sir @karanjohar it will not be a flop or washout, but it will be super duper disaster of the year coz KRK says so,” KRK wrote.Not one to take such things lying down, Swara took on KRK in her own style: “Kuch logon ki gaali, compliment hoti hai!Only female mosquitoes bite because they need blood for developing eggs, and researchers believe that a higher ratio of males could reduce disease transmission.In a study published Thursday in Science Express, the scientists identify a male-determining genetic switch called Nix in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that underlies the difference between males and females.

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In this television production, she plays the lead role.

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