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Then, he'll push her right into a local bar and let the regulars know Riley is available for "slow dances." He'll also encourage the fellahs to grope and feel!! Flash can't go anywhere without her, and if he does, she's blowing up his phone. They're going to start with some hot lesbian action before Flash Brown (and his 11-inch slab of black meat) enter the room. Flash starts with Melissa's tight, pink cunt, stretching it beyond recognition, pulling his massive dick out and feeding it Riley, so she can taste Melissa's sweet flavor. In fact, he loves to walk into the club just to watch her give horny fellahs a lap dance!Then, it's on to her cunt, where the Bulls simply wreck it. And, of course, feeding Melissa's eager mouth...ass-to-mouth, over and over, until Flash loses his load. Now...what's a guy going to get for his wife's 30th birthday? Pristine loves Lexington Steele, so Trent reached out to him on social the one-and-only is in their front room, making out with one of the most famous porn stars in the world!Boyfriend encourages everyone to humiliate and call Riley names...which she loves! Melissa takes Flash's load, swapping it with Riley, who's literally exhausted from all the ass fucking. Lex is going to dick down Pristine while Trent jerks his white weenie like a monkey in the zoo!There's an old tale that goes something like this: a young person is caught smoking by a parent, and, in order to get that young person to quit, the parent forces that young person to smoke a whole pack. It's come to dad's attention, via social media, that his daughter is being promiscuous with black men. How about line up 5 Bulls and have them run a train on Esperanza. She's always had her eye on some of her boyfriend's African-American, in particular.The idea, of course, is to make that young person get sick -- and quit smoking! In the end, she'll be so upset about the whole situation, she'll quit being a black cock slut! By the third Bull, it's apparent it would take an army of Bulls to wear out Esperanza, and, worse yet, Dad is slowly getting turned on by the whole experience! He's a buffed Bull, and it seems he's always over at their house. Speaking of that, her parents are doing a major remodel, and the house is in disarray. They're so bad, they had Nia check on the progress while they're on vacation! Things are a mess, but the two supervisors are about to cut a deal with the slutty, barely legal. Nia's such a slut, she wants them to pound her little ebony cunt!

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