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It was difficult, with many steps back, many times of turning back to the cycle of violence before you finally broke free.But now, you are getting stronger daily, learning to love yourself again and working through all the hurt, fear and anger you have experienced in the past.Especially when you look back at all the abuse from your relationship.Perhaps you want your explanation, your apology, and want to know why he treated you so poorly when he’s now doting on his new love.

"Both people need to chip in and start an account." That's something Liz Gannon might wish she had done, instead of living with her ex-boyfriend for three more months after they split because he couldn't find another apartment he could afford.

"My living situation is very, very stressful," Frankel told PEOPLE Magazine last week.

"I don't think it's very healthy for anyone involved. You just have to endure it." She's not alone in her predicament — Real Housewives of Atlanta star Portia Williams recently revealed she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband are also still living together while they sort out their divorce, and fellow Bravo reality star Vicki Gunvalson remained roommates with her ex-husband long after their split.

Frankel's comments put a spotlight on the fact that more and more couples who move in together have been forced to maintain their living situation after a breakup, usually for financial reasons.

Andriana Gilroy and her boyfriend are still living in the same apartment, despite ending their relationship two months ago.

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  1. When asked what their celebrity dating nickname would be, she said: "We haven't (heard one yet). It wouldn't really (work),” reports Watson laughed when she was asked: "Have you been together ages or is it new?