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I am happy to report that I have found (and recently married) that very person. Your "friend" sees a neat way to make all us awful not-really Christian types to just die off. May I recommend you tell your friend about your attitudes towards bigots and see if she can draw the correct conclusion from that?We look forward to growing and strengthening our faith together. Dont underestimate the power of family and tradition in discouraging this kind of dating.For a personal anecdote, my mother hates the fact that my fiance is Jewish, and her grandmothers hate the fact that Im not.(Shes just a deist in practice, and although much of my family is very Southern Baptist, I am an atheist, so our religious beliefs or lack thereof are actually not that different.) If you dont think its hard to marry someone that your family doesnt like, you havent heard the constant sniping.If differences of belief, culture or tradition cause a problem in your relationship, then it will come to an end.But I wouldn't suggest that these differences will always cause problems, and that people should therefore avoid these relationships altogether. If i'm interested in a relationship with someone, my requirements are my business.

If they listen to Mom, Dads hellbound, and vice-versa.I got an answer that went something like this: "Well, I'd hate for any of the people I care about, my friends or family, to date anyone who's not Christian.But then, I'd be really disappointed in a Christian guy who dated a non-Christian girl." What the hell? I also know a Jewish guy who will only date Jewish girls.But I have severe misgivings about interfaith marriages, and so should anyone who takes his/her faith seriously.Now, if you DON'T take your faith seriously, that's a different story.

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