Low budget dating

I felt pretty confident that these three activities were the formula for a perfect date.

But it was awful – like “send in the clowns” awful.

And if you’re worried about the budget getting in the way of your romantic spontaneity, make a place in your budget called “Romantic Spontaneity.” Set aside money every month to treat your loved one to something special.

Being limited by your budget often forces you to come up with ideas that are original and, even better, a lot of fun.

That being said, however, I do think it’s important to try to come up with fun and creative ideas for your first date.

I ran out of things to talk about before the breadsticks were served.

We had nothing in common; she was preoccupied with her phone, and I got nervous halfway through and started making grand statements about politics (not recommended first-date material). At this point, you could be thinking, “Well, if you’d taken the second woman to the movies and the fancy dinner, it would have been just as good – if not better – of a date.” And you’re absolutely right.

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