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Describe the very first steps, starting with idea development, creating design, then on to actually building a website, either from scratch or by purchasing a ready solution.Attracting attention (including the methods described above), communicating with site users, collecting their stories, and on to possibly developing new features, expanding business, or just staying where you are, making the world happier.Below you will find some considerations on how to do that.They will not require any financial investments from you as long as you are willing to invest your time and creative efforts. CLEAR IDEA Before you could say “I think I should get myself a dating website” – surely the idea was brought along by some incentive, like the desire to help like-minded people meet (as in dog lovers, MMORPG followers etc.), or need for a place where singles from your neighbourhood could communicate (like ‘Singles from Kalamazoo, Michigan’), or a place where divorced photographers could meet other photographers and share their works in a photo gallery…

ENGAGE SITE MEMBERS Let your site members speak for themselves – by sharing interesting content from your website, by liking your site pages.

Whatever idea helped you made up your mind about a dating site, make sure you state it clearly so people know what your site is going to be about.

Be ready to present your site to people at any random moment.

BEING IN CONTACT It is important that site members feel the feedback from site administrator / owner.

You can let know every time there is a new registration on your website that might be of interest to your site users, or remind them to upload profile photos to attract more attention.

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Offer them matching members right on the spot, based on their sign up info. You may wish to make your site completely free when you have only just begun, and add paid options after you grow the database.

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