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Louis man who had called in threats to David Miscavige.

Mirell complains that not only did Remini not know these people or have any connection to them, but that “these vile insinuations” had “severely traumatized” Remini.

But later that day, the police department told other news organizations that the report was “unfounded.” The LAPD had made contact with Shelly, who didn’t want to make a public statement.

(Leah had actually filed the report several days earlier, on that Monday, giving the LAPD plenty of time to check on Shelly before announcing Thursday afternoon that the case was closed.) Pouw accused Remini of knowingly filing a false report for publicity’s sake.

The letter, dated September 9, referred to Remini as a “has-been actress” and “spoiled entitled diva” who is harassing Scientology leader David Miscavige and stalking his wife, Shelly. The other two are replies from Scientology attorney Gary S. In the exchange, Mirell calls Pouw’s many letters to A&E libelous and defamatory, accusing the church of maliciously trying to harm Remini’s reputation and interfere with her contract with A&E.

Now, there’s only a week before the series premiere, and our sources tell us Scientology is still trying to convince A&E and ABC executives to pull the show — even after promotional spots are already running.As she stated in her own words in her book, the filing [of the missing person report] was a component of the publicity she sought when leaving the Church and was a step in the orchestrated rollout of her break with Scientology, fully coordinated with other anti-Scientologists, including Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega and Marc and Claire Headley.This rollout was intended to generate maximum publicity for Ms.Here now are the full contents of all four letters, in both text and PDF form.Let us know what you think about Leah going on offense rather than just ignoring what the church is dishing out.

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  2. We are well aware some may be offended by these images, and for that we are sorry.” Allen said the city and police have received some negative feedback from the photo posts, even a few death threats aimed at him and the mayor of East Liverpool.